Thursday, October 21, 2010

New NFL Rules

So as many of you people know, the National Football League is going to start persecuting players that make helmet to helmet tackles. Many football players in the NFL have been going crazy about this and have even threated to retire with the new rules, because we all know how much the NFL and their teams have such irreplaceable people. So, my question is what is your opinion on this? Personally, I don't really think it's that hard to adapt and stop doing head to head collisions.


  1. I think that rule is crazy, these players need to man up. If you're playing football it's an occupational hazard that you may get paralyzed...

  2. I have never seen so many rules in my life...

  3. People get injured too often. Good for them for trying to make it a little safer. You don't need to grab someone by the head to tackle.